Students are encouraged to enroll themselves voluntarily in various clubs and societies being run by the college, such as: 

·         Events

·         Dance

·         Fine Arts

·         Theatre

·         Music

·         Literacy

·         Social

·         Sports

·         Entrepreneur


Our Youth Red Cross  students were lucky to help in a scheme to take care of old people in rural areas. Through this program the students adopted and took care of one old person in their locality. Students used to visit them twice a day and made sure that they got their medicines properly.During lockdown period students also took care of other needs of old people which were asked by them. Students helped them in evening walks following all the covid-19 precautions, which gave them a feeling of relief. Students were also feeling good by giving moral support to old people whenever they felt alone and got to learn a lot from their experiences. Students had pleasure in helping the old people in the chores they needed help with. Orphanage home adoption is also one such scheme under which students adopted three orphanages. Thirty students were appointed for this under the supervision of Nodal Officer, Mrs Rakhi Kaushik.

Three orphanages given to us were-

1. Salaam Baalak (Arushi Homes)-It has 41 girl children between the age of 5 to 18 and one library.

2. Udyan Ghar- It has 8 girls.

3. Bal Kalyan- It has no girl child and a library.

Students were allotted orphanages everyday. This helped to groom their personality and prepared beforehand for their classes in Personality development, Cooking without fire, Discussion classes, Dance classes, Safety classes.

It created an attitude of empathy among the children and made them responsible for the society as a whole.