Our college celebrates many national and international commemorative days, events and festivals with great enthusiasm and zeal. The institution believes in the overall development of the students and the students are on the mission to make better India. Some of the important days and events that are celebrated in our college are as follows:


·         26th January (Republic Day) It is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of constitution. This day various events like flag hoisting and march past followed by 'constitution awareness program' are being organized. Students sing patriotic songs and recall the sacrifices of our national heroes.

·         15th August (Independence Day) It is celebrated every year along with hostellers, day scholars and staff members. It is observed with flag hosting ceremonies and parade by NCC students. A small cultural program in the memory of our freedom fighters is also being held in the college.

·         2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti) Gandhi Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated every year to highlight and spread the principles of peace and nonviolence. From 2019 onwards, October 2nd is celebrated as "Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas".

·         5th September (Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Birth Anniversary) On 5th September we celebrate Dr Radhakrishnan birthday as teacher's day with great fervour. The students organize a program for their Teachers. Smt. Indu Jain (Deptt. of Sanskrit), Smt. Sunita Sharma (Deptt. of Economics) of our college were awarded as the best teachers of Haryana.

·         29th September (Surgical Strike Day) The college started celebrating surgical strike day on 29 September to commemorate the cross-border operation India had carried out against the terror camps in Pakistan 2 years ago.

·         31st October (National Unity Day) 31st October is celebrated every year in our college to bring home the idea of importance of secularism which is the base of our national unity.

·         25th Jan (Voters Day) National Voters Day is celebrated on 25th Jan to highlight the importance of voting and every vote. Mentors encourage their mentees to take a pledge to cast their votes.


·         8th march (International Women's Day) To highlight the inner strength of women in the society, the day is celebrated with great fervour. Some renowned personalities are invited on this day to inspire the students to March ahead in life.

·          21st June( International Yoga Day) The International Yoga day is celebrated by students and teachers keeping in mind the idea of the unity of mind and body as a holistic approach to health and well-being. The message of regular practice of Yoga was given to the students so that they can achieve a better life physically, mentally and spiritually.



·         10th August (Tree Plantation Day) Tree plantation ceremony is celebrated in the month of August every year in our college. It inculcates a sense of responsibility among the students for the environment and the need of growing trees and preserving them.

·         11th August (Teej Mahotsav) Teej Mahotsav is celebrated in our college every year to give the students the flavour of local festival. The girls enjoy folk songs and swings. Mehandi competition is also organized on this day every year.

 Vasant Utsav is also celebrated in our college every year in the month of February with zeal and enthusiasm. More than one thousand students participated in various activities