The College allows its faculty members to pursue courses such as Orientation and Refreshers, Faculty Development Programs so that the faculty can boost their knowledge and can implement new and innovative teaching ideas in teaching-learning process for the benefits of the students. 

These weekly/monthly courses or training programs can be attained by UGC recognized Universities and educational institutions. The faculty members also submit their certificates in the college after successful completion of the courses.

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1 FDP SESSION 2017 2018 03/02/2023 View
2 FDP SESSION 2018 2019 03/02/2023 View
3 FDP Session 2019 20 03/02/2023 View
4 FDP 2021 22 09/05/2023 View
5 FDP Non Teaching 2021 22 09/05/2023 View
6 FDP certificates 2020-21 12/05/2023 View