IQAC under the chairmanship of College Principal has been striving for various quality initiatives including:

  1. As a result of IQAC initiative practice of Mentor-Mentee System has been institutionalized and serves as the backbone of the college. Each teacher is made a mentor of 60 students and continues to be the mentor of his/her batch till they pass out of college. He/she informs the mentees about various activities being held in college and guides the students academically,psychologically and emotionally by interacting with them on a regular basis directly or through WhatsApp groups.

  2. Co-ordinated out reach programmes and environment friendly 'Green' Initiatives are undertaken by committees like NCC, NSS, WomenCell,Road Safety etc. under the IQAC guidance to enhance societal conciousness bysensitizingthe students towards the environment and the less privileged and thus making them responsible citizens. 'Chandan Nagar Basti ' has been adopted by our NSS students who conduct a 7 day Camp here engaging in tree plantation, organizing cleanliness drive and ypoga sessions, distributingpencils and study material.
  3. 'EcoWako project'(Bekar sae Aakaar) is our next initiative launched by our Home Science Department. All these help in holistic development of our students.

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